Poetry with a purpose! Personalizing your thoughts to the ones you love.

Show your family and friends exactly how much they mean to you with personalized poems scribed from your own words of description and put into a beautiful rhyme by me. Allow me to use my talents and skills to convey your thoughtfulness by creating a meaningful gift for someone special in your life—something that is unique to one’s life and personality that you could never buy in a store.

  • No more giving generic-type greeting cards that 10,000 others will be giving and receiving which may not speak from the depths of your heart. We all need to feel cherished, special, and appreciated. This is an awesome way to show someone how much you care for them.
  • Let an expert writer compose your sentiments in a way that guarantees your own ideas are expressed. This is also a sure way for your gift to become a keepsake to lasts a lifetime. In turn, you become the hero who is hailed for doing something magnificent in the lives of your family and friends.
  • Eliminate the stress of trying to find the right words by purposing space in your busy schedule. For You Poetry will actually help you redeem the time that would normally pull you away from family or duties while you think about what you want to write about them.

I know the tremendous power of poetry! Poetry has a way of bringing a sense of encouragement, calmness, love, comfort, peace, healing and celebration into any of life’s moments. Countless people would like to have their feelings and ideas captured and conveyed, but they do not feel they are equipped to vocalize them in a special way. That’s where my talents come in! I want to help you do that for the ones you cherish.




Celebration of Life


I understand how difficult it can be to find a greeting card that says exactly what you want to say to your parent or spouse. Or perhaps you may want to acknowledge memories and moments you have shared with a teenager, grandparent, or others. You would love to be able to describe them perfectly and personally, but the words don’t express exactly how you feel. Leave that to me! I have over ten years of experience writing personalized poems for some truly fabulous and thoughtful people. I would be delighted to work with you to create a unique poem, written especially for your loved one’s special events or celebrations. For You Poetry is here for you.

— Joyce Moore Gaulden

Check out my “About” page to see examples or excerpts from poems I’ve written and to learn a little more about my passion for writing.

How Does it Work?


Purchase a Poem

Purchase a poem that will honor or say what you want to say to someone you care about…for an occasion you want to celebrate.


Give us the Details

Tell us about the occasion and the person. The more details given the more personalized it will be. This is For You, so let us know what you are looking for.


Your Poem is Delivered!

Poems delivered in as little as 1 day with options to select framing, letter style including handwritten and other personal options.


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